Founded in 2015, we are dedicated to providing delicious, healthy foods for you and your family. In fact, we use the very best ingredients in our high quality foods/meals to help contribute to our customers leading and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

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Our goal is to provide individuals and families nutritional information along with prepared meal options – proving that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be such a challenge! Fit-Fillet strives to mentor and educate our community concerning life-changing nutritional habits with the long-term goal of creating healthier, happier versions of themselves.


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Sometimes a little too much is just that, a little too much! Sculpt and tone with a light, yet filling portion of your choice of 4 ounce protein paired with 4 ounces of black beans and a 4 ounce serving of vegetables. Or, substitute one of your sides for a 12 ounce salad topped with one of our house dressings.


Maintaining your calorie count throughout the day is important! Keep your engine revving with a great-tasting 6 ounce portion of protein of your choice and two 4 ounce healthy and delicious sides. This combination is sure to keep your body functioning throughout the busy day.


Fit-Fillet Gain portion offers extra healthy calories for those who desire to gain muscle mass and for extreme athletes partaking in vigorous exercise daily. This is achieved by giving our guests an additional 4 ounces to our lean portion, providing a total of 8 ounces of protein, paired with 8 ounces of carbs and a 4 ounce portion of vegetables.


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